CCIR and provide Ukrainian refugees with a web platform for free accommodation

For war-torn Ukrainians, housing is on the way. For those desperate for accommodation in war-stricken Ukraine, a team of IT professionals in Romania has set up a website to search for apartments and rental accommodation, and for Romanians to come to their help by posting jobs they would like to offer. The website, was built in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) and is accessible in Ukrainian, Romanian and English.

A humanitarian project, is aimed at refugees from Ukraine and allows them to search for available accommodation on a map, or simply by browsing the ads posted by Romanians. These are all FREE accommodations in the form of rooms, vacant apartments or living spaces.

Romanians who want to help Ukrainian refugees or those who want to relocate can post their ads on, upload photos of the living space and also add them to the map for easy location.

“More than ever, Romanians can once again show compassion and solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of refugees who need help. Women and children who packed their valuables and ran away from the hell of the Russian Federation can be accommodated urgently using,” says a spokesperson for the team. .

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) has partnered with the IT team to provide emergency assistance to people fleeing Ukraine and looking for accommodation. They can now do this easily on, a centralized place to post and search for free accommodation in Romania.

“It’s time to help our fellow human beings!” Thank you!” says the team behind the project.

The war against Ukraine has left a deep wound in the region, with thousands of people fleeing their homes to find other places to live. The humanitarian crisis can be alleviated with the help of more and more people willing to offer their homes, rooms or living space for free, in order to strengthen the fight against tyrannical forces and alleviate suffering.

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