Dubai’s Goldfingr Signs Leading Venture Capital Fund Ahead of Web 3.0 Launch – News

By Deborah Blum

Published: Thu 10 March 2022, 10:10

Last update: Thu 10 March 2022, 10:12

As Dubai-based Goldfingr inches ever closer to the April 2022 launch of its highly anticipated Web 3.0 application, venture capital funds are flocking to the famous members-only investment club for a chance to win. access the platform’s robust quality range. deals before the launch of the app, after which Goldfingr’s investment-friendly philosophy should reach new heights.

Venture capital has long been a part of the Goldfingr framework since the club’s inception in 2016, when the platform began hosting Deal Club events in Goldfingr communities in Dubai and around the world with three of the company’s founding members. , billionaires Genband David Walsh, Michael Collado , and Alexandre Russo. While Goldfingr’s membership base has since grown to welcome 14 billionaires, family offices and former presidential candidates into its ranks, repeat users of thousands of ultra-high net worth individuals and their respective venture capital funds have made venture capital a key element. how far Goldfingr has come and become an important factor in the development of its Web 3.0 application.

Attracted to Goldfingr’s exclusive network of influential players in the UAE, Rob Charles, CEO of Goldfingr, quickly noticed that venture capital funds attracted for the first time by Goldfingr’s off-market transactions could benefit more from the potential of the platform as a capital raising network. With venture capitalists spending an average of 70% of their time acquiring funds, as do individual entrepreneurs, access to top-quality deals and deep capital from Goldfingr’s meticulously curated member base gives venture capital funds all the resources they need to execute portfolio-worthy deals in seconds, all curated by Goldfingr’s community of investors. With this in mind, Charles and his team carefully built Goldfingr’s promising Web 3.0 offering to meet the everyday needs of venture capitalists from the convenience of their phones and computers, eliminating the tedious conundrum of finding the right people you need for your project are a thing of the past.

Goldfingr’s consistent dedication to his members has not gone unnoticed; A regular attendee of the world’s top tech and cryptocurrency conferences, Goldfingr has accrued much of its venture capital base between its attendance at these events and word of mouth from other users. This has led major venture capital firms like Scorpio VC, Fairum VC and Andromeda Capital to sign Goldfingr in recent months, ready to connect with founders and other groups to discuss the progress of projects.

When Goldfingr’s Web 3.0 desktop is released next April, venture capital funds will be able to easily manage their private deal flow and source deal flow using machine learning across all markets, whether they are comprehensive or industry-neutral, streamlining their investment process. the path. Likewise, the Web 3.0 application will simplify all investment communications within the secure and encrypted platform, giving easy access to the right audience and also enabling networked collaboration across the ecosystem and sharing of resources through the venture capital firm’s Gold Label Club on the platform, with Goldfingr driving. all flow of transactions and resulting investors directly to private clubs integrated with venture capital.

Currently, in the process of developing its proprietary crypto fund, Goldfingr’s investment approach is expected to continue attracting major venture capitalists and high profile personalities while paving the way for the new era of Web 3.0 and beyond.