PipeFlare uses Web 3.0 technology to generate donations for Ukrainian charity NFT

PipeFlare, an NFT project that seeks to build on the success of P2E gaming platforms, uses Web 3.0 technology to generate donations for Ukrainian refugees by tapping into a global network of 750,000 blockchain players. Users can purchase a charity Ukrainian NFT, which provides players with benefits on PipeFlare and various games on its platform.

Users can easily buy the Ukrainian Charity Dragon NFT by paying with crypto or credit card, and will receive real benefits as a reward for their generosity. According to Forbes.

“By raising funds through NFTs, PipeFlare will be able to reach a new target audience, some of whom may not know how to donate or cannot afford to donate through traditional banking mechanisms. We want to show our support, and through this sale, PipeFlare will donate all proceeds to The $1,000 Project for Ukraine to help Ukrainian refugees,” said Jonathan Teplitsky, CEO of Pipeline Marketing and founder of Pipe Flare.

The $1,000 Project for Ukraine provides direct assistance to families of refugees from the war in Ukraine. It allows families in the United States and around the world to send money directly to families on the ground in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government accepts donations in crypto. He announced that he has raised $59.2 million through more than 118,000 donations of crypto assets since the start of the Russian invasion. This includes a $5.8 million donation from Polkadot founder Gavin Wood and a CryptoPunk NFT worth over $200,000.