Russia bans Facebook as Web Summit bans Russian exhibitors

Russia announced it would block Facebook, citing “discrimination against Russian media and news resources by Facebook”.

This comes after several social media platforms moved to block Russian state media sources, including RT, from their apps and websites.

The Russian ban on Facebook follows mounting sanctions from tech companies, which restrict services to Russia, its businesses and state entities.

Today, the Web Summit said it would ban all “members and agencies of the Russian government, state-controlled media, state-backed companies, and companies linked to the Russian government from participating in the Web Summit and Collision”.

He added that “all Russian companies, including public and private companies and startups, will be banned from exhibiting at the Web Summit and Collision.”

Earlier this week, Apple said it would “suspend” sales of iPhones and Macs in Russia, as well as throttling services like Apple Pay there. Dell also cut sales in Russia, while Google and Microsoft removed Russian state media service RT from their app stores.

Facebook owner Meta has banned Russian state media from buying ads on Facebook and Instagram, as has Twitter. TikTok has also restricted access to media such as RT.

Ireland-based multinational technology companies, such as Intel, have fallen under US export controls that prohibit them from selling products in large parts of the Russian economy.

Russian authorities have approved a new law that would punish spreading “false news” about its invasion of Ukraine with up to 15 years in prison. In response, the BBC said it would suspend operations in Russia.