A web 3.0 product based on the real-world metaverse for gamers looking for sustainable savings

01 November 2022 18:47 STI

New Delhi [India]Nov. 1 (ANI/PNN): The RX 669 series is set to launch its NFTs for millennial gamers, backed by a first-of-its-kind mobile platform connected to a real-world metaverse.
While the game promises highly addictive AA FPS gameplay, the economy is fueled by real-world brand collaborations. RX 669 aims to cultivate a community of future web 3.0 technologists.
GM to the OG of Web 3.0!
In order to bring NFTs to the masses, the RX 669 is equipped with the following features
Addictive game to attract Web 2.0 users (zero tolerance for boring games)
Accelerate the release of NFTs by more accessible brands
Offer direct and indirect rewards for skill and participation to users
Deliver immersive new age ads for brands via the community
Integrate NFTs from other collections to ensure interoperability

Use free play, play and win, share and win templates to increase participation

Changing Web 3.0 Game Dimensions
In recent years, Web 3.0 enthusiasts have enthusiastically explored this space, but the industry has yet to come up with sustainable tokenomics and original products behind NFTs.
The RX Series doesn’t shy away from the usual Web 3.0 staking, breeding, and renting patterns, but also updates new metadata based on users’ progress on the chain to make its NFTs rarer.
The metaverse market is expected to skyrocket by 2030 to reach $5 trillion, according to a report by Mckinsey. In the second quarter of 2022, 491,000 addresses carried out NFT transactions and around 28.6 million wallets exchanged NFTs in 2021.
The main objective of the mobile game offer is to integrate smartphone users. The space reserved for in-game assets now represents a significant portion of the total value of the gaming industry, which according to a recent report is expected to reach $300 billion over the next 4 years.
Anand Kumar, Founder of RX Series, said that “NFTs should be supported by products that convey technology in accordance with hardware and software innovations happening around the world and have realistic roadmaps in addition to rewarding buyers” . It invites founders from other out-of-print NFT collections to collaborate and bring their characters into the RX Series game. Anand has been actively involved in future technologies combined with metaverse technologies for nearly a decade. One of its previous products is a virtual reality cricket game, which is now available in over 16 shopping malls.
To learn more about the product, visit https://www.rx669series.io/ Follow https://twitter.com/RX669series email: anand@metalabtech.in
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