Bogdan Iordache has finally learned to use the web and launches solo GP fund Underline Ventures

Best known as the founder of the longtime Bucharest-based company How Internet conference, Bogdan Iordache now joins the growing trend of GP solo venture funds under the banner Highlight companies.

With passages to Gecad Ventures, 3TS Capital Partnersand MVP AcademyIordache is no stranger to the investment world, and with Underline he will target Eastern European start-ups who understandably have global ambitions.

In the works for over a year now, Underline Ventures team includes former UIPath executives Vlad Ionescu and V7 Capital Managing Partner Iulian Circiumaru as Venture Partners, former co-CEO of Bookster Julia Ghita as Investment Manager, and Pago Marketing Manager Adriana Spulber communications manager, CEO and co-founder of Craft Solutions Sebastien Boureanuand Mihaela Ciobanu.

According to Iordache, the fund has raised half of its €20 million target and is backed by more than 20 founders and start-up operators from companies including UiPath, Green Horse Games, Telerik, Elrond, MorphL, Smartbill, CleverTaxi and others. , as well as a host of professional venture capital fund investors.

“Our fundraising thesis is generational,” Bogdan said. “We believe that the Eastern European tech industry has reached a critical mass of experienced scale-up founders and operators who start or contribute to new startups, as well as many young, ambitious founders. Although their expertise is operationally excellent, we believe Underline Ventures can help them understand the venture capital pathway and connect them to the venture capital world, so they can build high-growth startups, and not just successful businesses.