Chain Joes makes Web-3 gaming accessible to everyone

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Chain Joes is the first top-down isometric web-3 shooter.

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, November 10, 2022 / — Chain Joes is the first web-3 top-down isometric shooter that combines the best of gaming’s golden age with the latest blockchain innovations.

It uses a “Play AND Win” model to put player experience before winnings and is geared towards the excitement and challenge of PVP.

GameFi emerged as a major interest in crypto, but gaining the respect of gamers has proven difficult…

More Web-3 Games the projects rely heavily on a play-to-win model, which focuses attention on winning and not on enjoying the game. This results in high player turnover and an unsatisfactory experience for the majority.

This emphasis on the financial side of gaming also means that many projects produce shoddy, repetitive, and unappealing games with overly complicated mechanics, alienating a whole generation of gamers eager to explore Web-3 territory.

Chain Joes says it has the answers and is ready to deliver the fully immersive mobile Web-3 experience gamers really want.

Designed and created by a team of passionate, long-time gamers, Chain Joes is focused on delivering a first-class gaming experience with its Play AND Earn model.

Players can choose from a range of 6 unique characters with their own lore and stories and engage in a range of PVP and PVE gameplay in a sleek and brilliantly designed isometric shooter.

With an approach focused on the gaming experience, they hope to deliver a project that all gamers can enjoy, whether or not they have blockchain experience.

Something for everyone
Each character in Chain Joes has a unique backstory and skill set. As the player progresses through the game by winning battles, they can upgrade their character and weapons, each represented by a dynamic NFT.

This gives each player full ownership of their character and weapons, allowing them to feel invested in the game and in their character’s progression.

These NFTs can be sold and traded as the player sees fit to earn tokens or upgrade character builds for upcoming battles.

Different PVP and PVE game modes are available, with multiple challenges and objectives to complete along the way. Many classic game modes that players know and love will be available, as well as new modes created exclusively for Chain Joes.

Chain Joes production is already underway with their impressive roster of expert partners including PayAccept with 10+ years of blockchain and fintech experience, Red Rift with 10+ years of game development experience and DAMN! – experts in crypto and digital marketing for more than 5 years.

With this impressive roster of goals and partners, Chain Joes is ready to set the world of Web-3 gaming on fire by breaking down barriers and putting the player first.

You can read more about the Chain Joes project here.

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