FIFA 23 Web App Release Date: When is it?

With the release of FIFA 23 less than a month away, fans of the game are wondering when the FIFA 23 web app will follow.

FIFA 23 is slated for release on September 30, with previews confirmed for September 27. The release of the FIFA 23 web app, however, remains a mystery.

The FIFA Ultimate Team web app allows FUT players to connect their FUT squad to their computers, tablets or other mobile devices. This allows FUT players to manage their rosters, access the FUT Transfer Market, customize their home stadiums, and even earn rewards through objectives like SBCs while away from their console or from their PC.

While it doesn’t make much sense to launch a dedicated team management app that doesn’t yet exist, the FIFA 23 web app will likely be released a few days before FIFA 23 is released on September 30. the web app rolled out last year on September 22, with the actual game going live on the 28th.

Since the 30th is a Friday, it might make sense that the app will be available from Monday, September 26th. At least one day before preview access. This way, players can familiarize themselves with the app’s interface before the start of the new season. It wouldn’t hurt from a marketing standpoint if the app’s hype built up all week until the full game arrived.

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