Internet nears half a billion fake ‘buyers’ as bot activity continues to surge

Overall, it was found that 32% of all organic and direct traffic arriving on retailer websites came from invalid sources. Further assessment and analysis of traffic volume and frequency determined that nearly half a billion visitors to e-commerce websites each year are not genuine human users and lack the intention or ability to buy. Common schemes associated with e-commerce cyber activity include click fraud, credit card fraud, cookie stuffing, user journey hijacking, etc.

“We found that threats caused by the fake web have a major impact on e-commerce businesses,” said Guy Tytuniovich, CEO of CHEQ. “An abundance of bots can lead to loss of customer trust, as well as private data leaks and search visibility issues for the brand. It has become a strategic issue for retailers who want to maintain a sustainable business in the online world.”

These data are released at a time when approximately 70% of all online purchases start with a search engine query – indicating the potential for increased threats from organic search.

The figures presented come from a wider CHEQ report on the scale and impact of IVT e-commerce. In addition to the influence of bots and fake users on organic and direct traffic, the report also found that billions of dollars are wasted on paid ad clicks to retail websites, and additional revenue is lost. due to carts being abandoned by robots.

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