Labour’s underhand web tactics will unleash havoc at the heart of the Conservative debate

Times have been tough for the Conservative Party lately – and Labor have used a clever publicity tactic to make matters worse.

As the partygate scandal continues to haunt Tories, Labor has opted to target potentially wavering Tory members by buying up all advertising space on the conservative Home website to deliver a poignant message.

The ads feature the face of a nurse wearing glasses and a mask looking directly at the camera, while the text reads: “Look her in the eye and tell her you’re still supporting Boris Johnson.”

In a tweet, DailyMirror Political editor Pippa Crerar confirmed Labor had deliberately placed adverts on the page which she described as ‘the Conservative members’ online bible’.

She wrote: ‘Labour has bought all the advertising on the Conservative Home website – the online bible for Conservative members – over the next few days and that’s what readers will see…’

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The move sparked debate, with some questioning why Labor would spend money that ended up in the hands of Tory supporters. But others think the overall message and impact is worth it.

One person said, “And where do you think the advertising money goes?”

But, another responded by writing, “I don’t care. This is the message that is most important in this case. The Home Tories could have refused the money, but like their MPs, they have clearly sold their souls.

“The coverage this will get is priceless, well worth what they paid for it!!”

Someone else said, “Well done Labour! More of this, much more of that!

But another disagreed, as they commented: “a smart move until you realize people who see them don’t care (that’s why they’re on Conservative Home) and that it’s actually just a massive donation to the Conservatives using my membership money.”

After the party door, Tory MPs are split in their support for Boris Johnson – some continued to back the Prime Minister while others want him to quit over his actions.

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