Liveplex Launches ION, Its Web 3.0 Product for the Media Newsrooms of the Future

Palo Alto, California, July 14, 2022 –(– Liveplex Incorporated, the Web3.0 infrastructure platform company focused on the digital transformation of the media and entertainment ecosystem, has announced today that it has launched its new product for news media organizations which will enable newspapers, news portals and TV stations to bring more accountability to their operations.

Arunabh Das Gupta, CEO of Liveplex, introduced the product, “Web 3.0 technology, ranging from NFTs to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), is a game-changer for the news media industry. Liveplex ION is the platform that enabling capabilities in the business models of news media organizations will give them a leg up on the pack as companies race to get ahead in Web 3.0.”

“We have designed a product that will allow newsrooms to enhance their current Web 2.0 strategy in a fully immersive experience,” said Arunabh Das Sharma, CEO of Liveplex. “ION presents the newsroom platform for agencies ready to make that leap into web3.”

ION transforms the newsroom to help detect tangible news assets from non-real ones. With its built-in commerce engine, the platform also integrates social commerce and newsroom advertising, enabling audience attention and loyalty management as they drive with their audience.

Das Sharma, speaking about the specialty product, also added that “Ion not only offers benefits to broadcasters and audience members, but also to all brands wishing to advertise.

Liveplex CTO Aman Singh explains, “Advertising on ION becomes an experience. Brands that advertise on the ION platform can create experiences for the audience they want to engage. experiential journey and brands have access to audience engagement trends.’

He added that “ION can convert the newsroom into a fluid and immersive platform that allows remote guests to enter a metaverse environment to interact and present their content via avatars wherever they are in the world. , while sitting next to each other.”

Das Sharma further asserts, “This is the future of newsrooms, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this development.”

Other unique features of the ION platform are fact-checking and checking the credibility of news stories on the blockchain. ION ensures that news audiences view and consume factual, authentic and traceable sources.

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