Lucky Buy launches Web 3 to solve communication problems

LuckyBuy is a next generation Web3 transaction platform. In recent development, the company launched a new strategy for Web 2 and 3 to address communication issues and limited liquidity. The core gameplay of Lucky Buy includes NFT, Token, physical object and Web2 and Web3 bridge. It is known as the Web 3 amusement park.

Currently, the first version is developed based on BNBChain, and the Lucky-to-Earn mode has been released, which allows everyone to share the lucky opportunities and innovative bonuses of Web3. After a month of internal testing, it was ranked #1 in BNBChain Marketplaces trading volume.

Top-notch NFT Mfers were raffled, covering 12.4w users. He was instantly killed less than half an hour after his release. Users can get Mfer worth 1.1e with just 1u. This also leads to a discussion of the crypto market. It is called “NFT’s first dollar buy product” and “NFT’s innovative gameplay”. In addition, on the same day, the maximum amount of daily activity reached 1002.

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The 98k DAO community has often used LuckyBuy as a drawing tool on the community channel. For example, Mushroom NFT is used to distribute Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to community users, which only takes 0.1u to have the opportunity to get an NFT worth 0.3e, and panic buying starts in 1 second. Community users prefer this way of giving benefits. Because in the past, people completed tasks on social networks such as Twitter to distribute benefits to the community in non-transparent practices. And we will wonder if this is a black box operation. However, the on-chain smart contracts are made by LuckyBuy, with an open, transparent and traceable process.

In addition, LuckyBuy also held a GameFi carnival, with five projects, five prize pools and 1,200 participants. Through BNB Chain’s on-chain raffle, ordinary users can use a small amount of money for the opportunity to get high-value gaming NFTs. This can improve the liquidity of NFTs but also attract more users.

On-chain raffle for BABT holders only is launched with Web3 projects including ETH, BSC and Solana. On September 11, teamed up with the NFT – WeirdoGhostGang project to launch an on-chain raffle just for BABT (Binance’s Soul-bound Token) holders.

LuckyBuy is the first platform to quickly create drawing application scenarios for BABT. The platform launched a raffle for BABT users with 1 iPhone, 5 BNB and 1 ETH. Today, it opened a co-op whitelist app for partners to post lottery draws.

During the BAB special event, 5 Web3 projects participated in the activity until September 14th. Event assets included NFTs, Tokens, Whitelites, and more. market discussions.

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