Music NFT & Web 3 News: $10 Million Music Startup Fund • Reveel Adds $1.3 Million • Fanaplay + Revolver • Ticketing EventsFrame NFT

Trading on the premier NFT marketplace, OpenSea has fallen 99% since May. But that hasn’t completely stopped the flow of funding for Web3 music startups, and the creators of Music NFTs are now smartly focusing on building community rather than quick profits.

Here’s a look at some new Music NFT & Web 3 boosts and launches.

Cooper Turley Launches $10 Music Startup Fund

Sometimes controversial crypto investor/influencer Cooper Turley has launched Coop Records, a $10 million seed fund to invest in “uniquely web3-enabled platforms, protocols, artists, and tokens…a hybrid between a web3 venture capital fund, a record label and an incubator”

The thesis

  • “Music is a tough industry to get into.”
  • “As someone who has consumed music all their life, there has been very little opportunity to participate in the growth of the artists I love the most.”
  • “What if you could be an early investor in SoundCloud or Spotify? Universal Music Group or Roc Nation? Drake, Post Malone or Illenium?
  • “Web3 gives us that opportunity – and that’s why I’m starting a fund to invest in music.”

After here.

Web3 Music revenue sharing, accounting platform Reveel raises $1.3 million

Reveal, a web3 music revenue-sharing protocol, raised $1.3 million in pre-seed funding led by Binance Labs and Moment Ventures. Reveel was part of Binance’s incubation program.

Reveel “simplifies collaboration” by providing transparency to creators with tools that ease the administrative side of revenue sharing and royalty accounting. The startup will use the capital for staff expansion and product development of its Web3 collaboration finance infrastructure and suite of on-chain revenue management tools.

Fanaply & Revolver Magazine launch the ICON SERIES

Fanaplyan eco-friendly NFT solutions provider and Revolver Magazine have announced a partnership to launch the REVOLVER ICON SERIES, a limited series of custom-produced vinyl records, each paired with unique NFT and premium NFC packaging.

Rather than visiting a separate marketplace to discover and collect the Vinyl + NFT REVOLVER ICONS SERIES Bundles, Revolver Magazine worked with Fanaply to develop a proprietary ecosystem for producing, marketing, and remarketing collectibles so fans can stay on the Revolver platform.

The first batch dropped on September 7 and sold out in less than 12 hours.

EventsFrame reboots as NFT event ticketing platform “for the masses”

Digital merchandising is key.

“In the future, visitors will purchase event products in digital format as NFTs to showcase on social media and in their virtual and physical world. Personal virtual “trophy rooms” will represent where you have been and, more importantly, your precious memories. – Pavel Helstyn, Business Development Manager at EventsFrame.

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