Neymar posts his photo with his girlfriend and comments on the web; profitable

São Paulo, May 10, 2022, by Barbara Buzzi – last night (9), Neymar He appeared on Instagram Stories with a photo with his new girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi, Netizens commented on the post. See more at Notes from the Prime Minister.

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Neymar Their relationship with the girl is assumed in February this year, and since then they are often seen together in publications on their social networks and also on mutual friends. Check out some of the fan comments on the player’s post:

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Who is Neymar’s new girlfriend?

Bruna Biancardi He became more famous after forming a relationship with one of the most famous football players in the world, Neymar Carpentry. However, the girl has already amassed a large number of followers on her Instagram account, and also has her own clothing brand.

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A graduate in fashion, the influencer spent a phase of her life posting videos on YouTube. She shared fashion and behavior content. However, he decided to quit his career and focus on his physical products.

Neymar He met Bruna two years ago. But the youngster, from São Paulo, only bonded with the player after a party he hosted at his Mangaratiba mansion last year. Since then, many people have noticed them appearing together at various events and also in their social media stories. But neither said they had a relationship until February this year.

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Troubled Encounters Begin

Although a relationship was not speculated at the time, many netizens spoke close to Neymar With Bruna Biancardi. This led to many comments and comparisons with the athlete’s ex-girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine.

People have pointed out that the two girls not only share the same name, but also share a similar appearance. This fact led the haters to say it Neymar I was only with the influencer for these reasons.

There have been comments that this is why the two have never dated before. But, after a period of discomfort, the chatter died down, giving way to people putting down roots and wishing the new couple well.

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