Screen Americas Launches Customer Executive Council

Screen Americas has announced its participation in the Printing United User Experience event, which is scheduled to take place immediately prior to the Printing United Expo convention from October 19-21, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV, USA. The opportunity, also called Printing United UX, was created specifically for OEMs, associations, and other groups interested in further engaging printers in one-on-one conversations focused on their specific challenges and needs.

Printing United UX registrants will have access to the convention lounge before it officially opens to regular attendees.

Along with its participation in the event, Screen Americas has formed its Executive Customer Council, also known as the ECC, which is made up of a representative selection of key customers in a variety of print markets. The ECC’s charter is to facilitate relationships between Screen’s growing population of customers, as well as to collaborate with Screen GP’s R&D and manufacturing teams in Kyoto, Japan, and to serve as an organizing board for the new Screen Americas user group.

“Our customers have incredible experience in how to effectively integrate Screen’s technology into their business operations,” said Mark Schlimme, vice president of marketing for Screen Americas. “They’ve been there before, and we believe that as a group and in partnership with Screen, this community can be a great resource for each other.”

The first Chairman of the Board is Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Dave Johannes of Moore Group DM of Lanham, Maryland. Johannes, along with other ECC members, will gather at Screen Americas headquarters in Elk Grove Village, IL, in August for its first in-person meeting.

In order to gather as much feedback as possible from as many printers as possible, Screen Americas and the ECC plan to continuously recruit clients for board roles and participation.