Spider-Man’s Madame Web Movie Launches Social Media Marketing

After Venom and Morbius, Sony’s Marvel Universe is set to expand with more projects in the coming years, with one centering on Madame Web. Directed by SJ Clarkson, the upcoming film will feature the Marvel debut of Dakota Johnson (Fifty shades of Grey) as the main character, and she will appear alongside Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria) in an unknown role.

The exact plot details of Madame Web are still being kept under wraps, but it’s been reported that the character will serve as Sony’s Marvel Universe Doctor Strange. This reveal establishes the idea that the movie will have multiverse-related elements, especially since Madame Web is connected to the Web of Life and Fate in the comics.


Although the film does not yet have a release date, an interesting piece of information has surfaced that may shed some light on its release timeline.

The era of Madame Web begins


Sony Pictures has unveiled the social media pages for Madame Webthus officially launching the commercialization of the film.

The studio revealed the film Twitter page next to a simple profile description:


“Madame Web is coming to the cinema.”

In addition to Twitter, Sony Pictures also featured the film Facebook and instagram pages, which includes a simple image:

Madame Web Logo
Sony Pictures

Will Madame Web make or break Sony’s Marvel Universe?

This latest update on Madame Web could hint at an official announcement regarding its release date or other confirmed cast members. However, since the social media pages have a naked logo of the film, it’s safe to assume that it will be some time before anything official is revealed.


The timing of the social media pages release is also interesting as it is close to the release of the first reactions to Jared Leto Morbius. The Spider-Man spin-off has received generally negative reviews from fans and critics alike, potentially hinting that there could be internal discussions about the future of Sony’s shared Marvel Universe.

If so, then it’s possible that Madame Web is seen as a potential savior for the franchise due to her ties to the multiverse. The fact that the concept of alternate realities may be involved also presents the possibility of seeing other Spider-Men, like Tom Holland’s web-crawler or Andrew Garfield’s web-slinger.

In all, Madame Web seems poised to be an important piece of the Spider-Verse puzzle.