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Singapore, June 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Move-to-Earn (M2E) has been known for a few years, but it is not until 2022 that it becomes phenomenal crypto. The concept is to bring income to people by engaging in daily physical activities. The idea of ​​move-to-win works similarly to play-to-win, where investors have full control of their in-app assets that can be converted into cryptocurrency in their wallets.

M2E gives you the opportunity to benefit from the act of walking or running. These days, many people have already used the technology of an exercise tracking app in their daily routine. The M2E concept turns simple fitness apps into innovative tools that reward its user tokens and NFTs that have financial value.

But not only that, this trend is not just about getting a token after a walk. There are several utilities that are developed to benefit the user, such as auto-staking with fixed APY, trading, coin speculation, competition…

WALKEE is the only M2E project that has all these features, a truly potential M2E application that will be a key player in the crypto market.

The idea was formed during difficult times for the whole society

According to the World Health Organization, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a dramatic loss of human life around the world. It represents an unprecedented challenge for public health, food systems and the world of work. The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic is devastating: tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty. COVID 19 has made people around the world more unhappy than ever. The main pillars of happiness – social connections, physical health, income and employment – have all been threatened by the virus and the measures taken to control its spread.

To find the happiness of human beings, you have to WALK! WALKEE is designed to bring joy back to people through social connections, physical health, and most importantly, income.

Whether it’s at a club, staying at home, or drinking by the beaches, you’ll find social connections with people from real life or the metaverse through WALKEE. After a year or two of silence, nightlife bosses will see that partying, clubbing, dancing and running together can still bring back happiness.

A user-friendly and easy-to-use platform with multiple utilities that motivate people to exercise for rewards

Walkee’s goal is to provide its users with a variety of ways to generate their passive income while encouraging them to get out and about. Their goal is to become the most resourceful, positive and reliable M2E platform on the Binance Smart Chain.

Getting started with Walkee is very easy. Users just need to buy and hold $WALKEE in their defi wallet to jump into the auto-staking feature, and the positive base protocol will do the rest by compounding 0.018% every 10 minutes, which equals 1,283 522.51% per year.

Moreover with WALKEE app which will be available on Appstore and Google Store, users still get BNB every 24 hours for walking every day!

Every 24 hours, the pool will sum up all player stages and distribute the quota percentage among all players.


In this round, there are 100,000 steps in total and you walk 1,000 steps, which means your reward will be 1% of the round’s reward pool.

As mentioned before, it’s not only about “walking and winning”, it’s also important to connect with people, improve social relations, that’s why there is a competition function among all users – Challenge mode. During certain special events, the pool will organize competitions for all players. The player with the highest score will win all the pool rewards. The WALKEE team will soon announce the first contest.

In order to be able to work all the features listed above, WALKEE has a solid rebase system

WALKEE Insurance:

– Avoid flash crash

– Avoid pump and dump groups

– Redemption of $WALKEE in certain special cases

– 3% of $WALKEE purchases and 4.5% of $WALKEE sales will be added to the WALKEE insurance contract to maintain the above objectives

Treasure Walkee

– Cash from WALKEE will be used to fund marketing, PR activities and to maximize token use cases for the community.

– 3% buy and 4.5% sell $WALKEE will be added to the WALKEE cash contract.

Walkee Automatic Liquidity

– Every 48 hours, the contract will automatically inject the $WALKEE/BNB LP into the pool, thus maintaining the liquidity fund for the $WALKEE token.

– 0.5% of the buying fee and 0.75% of the selling fee will be automatically stored in an Auto-LP wallet.

Walkee Combustion System

– Burning reduces the total supply of $WALKEE tokens, thus contributing to the long-term price increase.

– 0.5% of buy fee and 0.75% of sell fee will be automatically burned to binance smart channel burn address.

Walkee Game Reward

– 3% of the buying fee and 4.5% of the selling fee will be added to the Game Reward Pool.

– Players can receive their walking effort reward in BNB every 24 hours.

– Besides that, the token fund will use $1,000,000 WALKEE to reward players.



Led by an ambitious team, the WALKEE ecosystem is part of the plan for the near future. WALKEE users will experience a whole set of upcoming WALKEE platforms: Walk to Win, Metaverse, Healthy Social Network, Partner Store Integration, NFT Marketplace, Body Enhancement Reward, and VR/AR Walk.

Go see them absolutely! Visit their Website and join their community today!

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