The Web Marketing Festival 2022 in Italy last week reminded us of what we missed

A new registrar IT.comwas one of domain companies who had a big presence at the Web Marketing Festival. Pictured below is’s Social Media Manager, Tatiana Tarasenko (left), was on hand to welcome attendees to the company’s booth. It made perfect sense for to exhibit in Italy. The country’s ccTLD is .thisso the ability to register 3rd level domains on (like or might resonate with Italians who also recognize .com’s status as the most popular gTLD in the world.

Below: The vast exhibition space of the Rimini Proud
included a number of places where attendees could pause, catch up on messages, and chat with friends.

Above and below: Sales Manager Rolandas Japertas (right) kept busy making new acquaintances thanks to the steady stream of attendees at the booth throughout the Festival.

Below: Meanwhile, Tatyana (right) continued to work around the room, making sure no one came home without an work car and an ink pen… and you thought social media managers only worked online!

We don’t know who ended up with the bottle of champagne at the table above, but those who missed still had no problem getting a celebratory drink at this evening sponsored by

After seeing photos from the Web Marketing Festival (courtesy Igor Furdyk of we are even more delighted to know that our turn is coming on this side of the pond when NamesCon Global short August 31 through September 3 in the capital of Texas. Hope to see you in Austin!