Web agency Cheeky Monkey Media’s Adopt-a-Primate initiative goes bananas

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Cheeky Monkey Media's Adopt-A-Primate Initiative

The first recipient of Cheeky Monkey’s Adopt-a-Primate Initiative – An orphan monkey named Kabi.

Louie from Cheeky Monkey's Adopt-a-Primate Initiative

Cheeky Monkey’s most recent Adopt-a-Primate recipient – Louie, a capuchin monkey from the Primate Rescue Center.

Clients able to effortlessly support corporate social responsibility when working with the digital agency to scale their web presence.

The obvious reason why Cheeky Monkey chose this cause to raise awareness is because our monkeys love to support monkeys! Doing our part to help save the planet meant helping our closest relatives.

— Rick Bjarnason, Founder and CEO

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, March 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cheeky Monkey Media, a web design and development agency that helps organizations maximize the value of their websites, is spending more time than usual fulfilling its commitment to support Primate rescues with every launch of client website, as part of its Adopt-a-Primate initiative. “We’re committed to becoming a primate keeper with every client site launch worth over $10,000.” Each time Cheeky Monkey (CM) adopts or co-guards a primate to celebrate the launch of a client’s site, he chooses a highly reputable non-profit rescue sanctuary to support him; one that also helps protect the planet we all share.

Since its inception on Earth Day 2021, Cheeky Monkey clients have loved the initiative, as they can participate in acts of corporate social responsibility seamlessly, when working with the digital agency to scale their web presence.

In the past month alone, numerous customer site launches have met adoption criteria, including the National Advisory Committee on Blood and Blood Products (NAC), PPRP (both associated with Canadian Blood Services), and ELI Pro Bono Clearinghouse. Ahead of Earth Day 2022 (April 22), there is a “group” of additional customer websites slated for launch that will benefit from Cheeky Monkey’s financial support of the initiative.

As non-profits make up a large portion of Cheeky Monkey’s clientele, there has been no hesitation on their part to support the incredible impact these non-profit rescues have on the earth and its people.

“The most obvious reason why Cheeky Monkey chose to draw attention to such a worthy cause is that our monkeys love to support monkeys! Doing our part to help save the planet meant helping our closest relatives – the primates.”⁠ Rick Bjarnason, Founder and CEO explains.

But the most important reason: they want to help rescue sanctuaries like Primate Rescue
center and Jane Goodall Canada Institute (or the American Institute) are educating the public about the largely secretive and cruel primate trade, in hopes of collectively helping these rescues shut down this commercial industry.

Reasons rescue sanctuaries exist:
– Unscrupulous breeders and dealers continue to sell baby monkeys to those who inevitably learn that they are unable to provide these animals with proper care for life
– Research labs quietly dump their unwanted animals after their experiments are over
finished or their grant money runs out
– The entertainment industry dumps animals when they get too big to handle safely
– Zoos and other exhibitors quickly dispose of their “surplus” primates when they run out of cage space, or judge that the public would prefer to see other species.

If you would like to support their initiative and the rescue sanctuaries through a web project with Cheeky Monkey Media, call 778.484.1519 or email connect@cheekymonkeymedia.ca.

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