Web series written by Jamaican Diane De La Haye wins top prize at International Film Festival

Jamaican-Canadian screenwriter and editor Diane De La Haye has won Best Web Series at the Conch Shell International Film Fest (CSIFF) for her work on the series “Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat”. The series tells the story of a loud and feisty group of Caribbean friends who regularly celebrate their milestone birthdays by traveling somewhere in the world together on an adventure. As they all face a variety of issues as they approach 40, they decide to go to Nepal and participate in a silent retreat.

The comedy short was directed by Peter Sagnia and shot in Saint-Martin. It stars Rita Gumbs, Shama Flurton, Clarisse Glasgow and Kedisha Vidal. He was loosely based on a group of real-life De La Hayes friends from Jamaica who were all born in December.

Diane De La Haye attended the Vancouver Film School where she studied screenwriting. She is an associate and instructor at the Media Business Institute and MBI Productions in Toronto and has worked on several film projects, including ‘Shalom Jamaica’, ‘Of Cod and Rum’ and ‘Rasta: A Soul’s Journey’.

Producer and director Peter Sagnia has worked in theater and video production for over 20 years. After moving to the US Virgin Islands to pursue his career, producing the feature films ‘What’s Necessary’ and ‘Preciosa’, a film highlighting human trafficking in the Virgin Islands, he returned home to St. Martin to exploit a professional video. and a film production company that produces television commercials for corporate marketing departments in the Caribbean region.

3 days online CSIFF event held at the end of August 2022 with the awards ceremony live on August 28. The theme for the 2022 festival was “Art that Inspires Change”. CSIFF’s goal is to promote films and mixed media projects by artists from the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora. It focuses on student filmmakers and independent filmmakers and screenwriters of Caribbean descent who create works that inspire social change. Awards are given in the student and independent short film categories: Narrative (all genres), Documentary, Animation, Webseries/Pilots, Music Videos, Experimentation and Live Theater Recorded in One Act/”Zoom” Theater Productions. Submissions were selected by a panel of experienced industry professionals which included Alain Bidard, Wally Fall, Maella Kancel, Javier Molina, Melanie Nicholls-King, Nadhege Ptah, JR Roache, David Velo Stewart and Marquis Smalls.