Web3 accelerator Open Web Collective announces Demo Day for its 4th Cohort

The venture capital firm focused on blockchain and digital assets, Open Web Collectiveannounced the date of its last Demo Day: October 19.

This event will allow 7 startups to present their projects in front of a panel of leading investors, mentors and business partners. The 4th cohort will address crypto consumerism, including companies advancing secure wallets, NFT utility, peer-to-peer lending, gaming, and cross-chain liquidity, representing the next wave of innovation in the web3 economy emerging.

On the demo day, these 7 crypto and blockchain powered startups will participate:

  • By protocol – A Web3 infrastructure service that unifies all inter-chain bridges and other routers.
  • traffic jam – A distributed crypto wallet that makes blockchain ownership easy and secure.
  • Hashtack Funding A provider of fast loans without third parties on the blockchain.
  • NFT floor price A CoinGecko-style data hub and analytics platform for NFT collectors.
  • TokenField An online arcade where your NFTs are the main characters in the games.
  • black sheep game A technology company focused on investments in blockchain games and the metaverse.
  • ExxaVerse A cross-chain game built on the Unreal Engine.

Despite challenges in the industry, interest in cryptocurrency has not stopped. The last quarter of this year was reported as a consolidation period for cryptos after a so-called unstable and uncertain crypto winter.

“We are delighted to present the startups of our 4th cohort of accelerators and to invite such distinguished speakers. All of these teams are innovating in consumer cryptography, a priority area for OWC and an area that will be essential for the mass adoption of blockchain and Web3 technologies. We look forward to connecting the Web3 community to seven of the most promising startups in the industry today,” said Kendall Embs, Chief Marketing Officer, Open Web Collective.

There was an 8.5% increase in total crypto market capitalization from July to the end of September and major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum showed slow signs of recovery as their price remained moderately flat. .

Along with providing an opportunity for more investors to expand their portfolios in the crypto market, it has also sparked a wave of Web3 startups. For example, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launched a new startup in the world of web3. Kan and four co-founders have raised $14 million for Ryea shopping platform that will use crypto tokens in an effort to create a more affordable “Spotify for eCommerce.”

The crypto revolution is expected to continue along with the innovation generated by blockchain technology and the ongoing development of Web3.