[YouTuber] Career, Childhood, Website Earnings and Latest Updates in 2022

Geekyranjit is a well-known science and technology YouTube channel. More than three million people have signed up for the service. Geekyranjit, an India-based YouTube channel, was launched in 2011.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: how much money does Geekyranjit make? We will never know the exact sum, but it is an approximation anyway.

What is Geekyranjit net worth?

Over $609.44 thousand, according to NetWorthSpot, is Geekyranjit’s wealth. As of now, it is impossible to estimate Geekyranjit’s exact net worth. According to the Net Worth Spot, Geekyranjit’s net worth is $609.44 thousand. However, Geekyranjit’s final net worth is not publicly known.

It’s solely based on YouTube’s advertising revenue that the projection of $609,440 was made. It is possible that Geekyranjit’s net worth is significantly higher than it is now. It’s possible that Geekyranjit’s value is closer to $853.22 million after factoring in these other sources of income.

How much does Geekyranjit earn?

On average, GeekyranjitThe channel has received 2.54 million views in the past 30 days, averaging over 84.64,000 views per day.

Ads are seen on YouTube channels that have been monetized. YouTube channels often earn between $3 and $7 for every thousand views of their videos on the site. One year’s expenses would be $152.36 thousand if these numbers were true for Geekyranjit.

Although our estimate may be modest, we are confident in our conclusions. Geekyranjit could earn up to $274.25 thousand a year if he works hard enough.

Geekyranjit probably has other sources of income. In addition to their sponsors, successful YouTubers have the opportunity to earn more money by promoting their own products. They could also get speaking engagements.

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Geekyranjit official website

It was natural for him to want to create his own product review website after graduating from college and succeeding as a web developer for companies like Maximum USA. Post, then in 2007 he founded a website called Tech2buzz.com [Geekyranjit’s official website] on which he began posting reviews of the latest gadgets.

Even though he had to test this product, Ranjith’s integrity has always been beyond reproach, which is why his audience loves him and his work is so well received. For this reason, Tech2buzz.com has become one of the most popular websites of the moment.

Geek Ranjit YouTube

His friends nicknamed him Geek, so he decided to name his channel GeekyRanjit(Ranjit Kumar) when he first launched his YouTube channel in January 2011. At the time, he did not intend for the name to imply anything.

It was Ranjit’s first review of an Asus Router that elicited no specific response, after which he spent the next six months trying to secure company sponsorship. Everything would be closed if someone else was in the same situation, then they would stay in the house or work on something else instead.

Net worth of Geekyranjit

For the first six months of his career, Ranjeet used to contact companies for free products to review. After that time, he started spending his own money on the products he reviewed and stopped contacting companies altogether.

He only has 1,607 subscribers for the year, but he was so excited to review new devices that he spent the first three years of his channel’s existence buying the products himself. out of his own pocket.

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Biographical information of Geekyranjit


Ranjit Kumar’s real name is Ranjit Kumar, but his friends had nicknamed him Geeky, so he changed his YouTube username to Kiranjeet.

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